5 Things Not Recommended To Do with Your Ebike

E-bikes have been the talk of the town lately, giving riders an eco-friendly and easy way to get from point A to B. Sadly, with their widespread use also comes a heightened risk of misuse and dangerous safety scenarios. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful when you’re on your electric bike - knowing which habits not to keep can save yourself (as well as other users) a lot of trouble.

In this spirit, we’ve put together some top tips for e-bike safety. In this article, you’ll find five things that likely come as red flags if you do them - from reckless riding to ignoring instructions from an electric bike company. By keeping these factors in mind, you won’t just enjoy your ride safely; You’ll have peace of mind too!

Blog-5 Things Not Recommended To Do with Your Ebike

Overloading the Ebike

Riding an electric bike should always be done mindfully because there are strict weight limits in place that shouldn't be exceeded. Failing to stay within those parameters can cause terrible setbacks and put safety at risk – as buckling under the extra burden puts a huge strain on the motor and battery, degrading their performance or even causing permanent damage.

Getting familiar with your ebike's specifications from the outset is crucial - flip through the user manual or take a peek online to get up-to-date information about what weights your e-bike can handle, so you'll know you're riding responsibly.

Remember to take care of that sweet ride whenever you hit the road with your electric bike! Load up things with moderate weight on the back rack or basket evenly and keep an eye on exactly how much saddlebag you put in it, too—you'll want to stay well within the specs for the best results. If you follow all these tips, then taking care of your electric bike is a breeze, and you can have a smooth ride wherever you want to go!

Riding at Excessive Speeds

Cruising around at ferocious speeds is an all-too-frequent mistake commonly made by eBike riders, particularly those fortunate enough to own a Class 3 bike. These fabulous machines are engineered to boost you even when traveling at lightning-fast speed- up to 28 mph (45 km/h), which can easily outpace conventional two-wheelers. We should always remain within lawful speed limits, though, not only for your protection but also for nearby cyclists and pedestrians!

 Speeding on an e-bike isn't a good idea. Every nation and district might have different rules you must check before hitting the road. Most places set speed limits at 45 km/h (28 mph) for class 3 electric bikes since they're more powerful than others. Cycling at excessive speeds is risky – it amplifies your chances of getting into a pickle. It makes it more challenging to control your rickety ride when the terrain's slippery or irregularly shaped. 

Highway cruising on a class 3 ebike can be exhilarating, but it's wise to have moderation in mind for optimal safety. Even if they blow most others away with their increased speed potential, be on the side of caution and ride at paces your riding prowess is accustomed to. Remember the helmet and other protective pieces! Plus, if you play by traffic's rules & keep your eyes peeled for tangible or virtual obstacles, you'll delight in all that speed while working out effectively.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

It would be careless of you to overlook regular maintenance when it comes to your electric bike. Not only does proper maintenance guarantee its continuous performance, but it also provides a buffer for potentially hazardous conditions while riding. 

To keep your two-wheeler riding just as good as new, check the tire pressure often and get those brakes inspected regularly. Grease up that chain with some lubricant occasionally, and don’t forget about getting tedious tasks like battery and motor checkups out of the way ASAP!

If ever in doubt or in need of advice on how often all these exams should be done, go by your manufacturer’s guidelines – even better, familiarize yourself with professional bicycle mechanics specializing in ebikes, or you can also turn to customer service for help. No excuse not to have scheduled tune-ups! Investing your time now will save longer-term costs - reassured that your ebike is reliable and safe all around!

Riding Without Proper Safety Gear

Riding without proper safety gear is a no-go. As an e-bike rider, nothing should take precedence over your safety on the road - so always save some space to throw on the proper helmet for protection from any nasty spills and falls. Helmets are essential in these cases; they provide comfort, but make sure they fit like Cinderella's slippers and live up to high regulations if you don't want to regret not following these guidelines later.

Visibility is critical when hitting the road on your electric bike, especially when riding at night or in low-light conditions. Reflective clothing can help you stand out and be visible to others on the road, while lights can make all the difference in seeing where you're going.

Speaking of other safety gear, consider slipping on protective gloves and knee pads before getting back in the saddle - after all, who knows what kind of bumps lie ahead? In this case, wearing good quality safety equipment gives you more peace of mind as you cruise along.

Modifying or Tampering with the Ebike

Tampering with an e-bike is a recipe for disaster. These ebikes are built to last and really should remain fine while being used. When you tinker with the design and functions of your electric bike, you put yourself in danger. Here's why: altering parts and components can deconstruct all its safety features - making it harder for the ebike to function correctly, perform optimally, or even stay intact! It's not worth taking that risk at all if you ask me.

Sure, it may sound cool to tinker with your ebike, but think again; those ‘innocent’ modifications can be dangerous. Easy to do - follow the instructions stipulated by an electric bike company, and don’t tie yourself into DIY knots that might harm you. If there’s something brewing or some changes to be made, speak with an experienced bike pro right away so they can keep you out of trouble! Above all else - your safety comes first when pedaling on a power-assisted ride.


All in all, it's essential to use e-bikes responsibly. Taking on too much weight, speeding up recklessly, not keeping the ebike well-maintained, going without safety gear, and making any changes to the ebike is strictly a no-go.

To get those wheels whirring safely and enjoyably, consider sticking with manufacturer limits for weight, only going at safe speeds, giving regular servicing sessions plenty of attention, and putting that helmet on before hopping on board. In short - look out for yourself (and others) by considering the potential risks of using an electric bike!

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