A Complete Guide for Choosing a Folding Electric Bike for Adults

Folding e-bikes are trendy among mountain bikers and adventure lovers in the U.S. According to the consumer report, the sales of foldable e-bikes are increasing 10.6% annually and growing day by day.

More than kids and teenagers, adults are moving from cars to folding e-bikes because it's flexible.  Who doesn’t want to enjoy hassle-free transport to avoid unkind road conditions? We all do, right? These bikes have health benefits.

But do you know how to find a good quality folding electric bike for adults? Or what bike size is good for adults? If you crave to know the answer to all your queries, let's get started with the wholesome idea of buying a foldable e-bike for adults.

How do I choose a folding electric bike?

If you’re buying a folding e-bike, it’s necessary to consider some factors in mind, which will help you to understand how you can find a suitable folding electric bike. Let’s explore the important factors you should consider while choosing a foldable e-bike.

 Foldable capacity

The first thing you need to notice is the folding capacity. Whether you use it frequently or rarely, you need to fold and unfold it regularly.

So if the process isn’t flexible enough to handle the mechanism, it’ll be difficult to maintain the electric bike properly.

You must pick the one with a convenient folding system that won’t waste your energy and time. For this reason, we suggest looking into the Young Electric E-Flow 750W Folding eBike because it offers the best folding design for all riders.


When it comes to folding bikes, comfort always comes first. It’s tough to keep consistent on speed or riding capacity without feeling comfortable and flexible in riding. The more comfortable your bike make you feel, the further you’ll go with your bike. Yet, you can’t cover long distances if your bike isn’t cozy and easy to ride.


As you may need to carry the electric bike the place you go, it needs to be lightweight. The perfect weight for a folding e-bike is 80 to 85 lbs. Heavy bikes are difficult to carry and also come up with storage issues. That’s why you should pick a portable folding e-bike.


Most electric bikes come with a 3 to 5-year warranty. But that doesn’t matter at all, the main thing about a warranty is what it covers.

So, consider looking into the brand's warranty service that might offer you repair free of cost during the warranty period or low-cost servicing. It's more important for folding e-bikes because they may often require servicing.  


In addition, you should look into the price for picking a suitable folding e-bike. Buying an e-bike won't be enough at all, you might need to invest more in accessories, batteries, and storage. In that way, you must choose the one that suits your pocket.

 Tire and Size

Apart from knowing the importance of bike size, you should figure out the best size for the tires of the folding bike.

Classic bikes have thin tires that can’t handle bumpy roads. But most electric bikes provide fat tires for managing rough terrains better. Moreover, fat tires are also great for better grips and a stable riding experience. The perfect wheel size of a folding bike is 20 inches.

On the other hand, the size of the e-bike itself is also important, the proper size of a folding e-bike depends on the rider's height and comfort zone. If you can't choose a flexible size for a folding e-bike, it's quite difficult to ride comfortably.  Thus, comfort matters the most when it comes to bike riding and that’s why you should pick the right folding bike size.

Note: E-Flow uses 20" x 4.0" fat wheels with better resistance power.

Now you must be thinking, are folding bikes better than regular bikes? Or is it worth getting one? Right? Well, don't worry! In the next part of our discussion, we'll explain why a foldable e-bike is worthy.

Is a foldable eBike worth it?

Folding e-bikes are smaller than regular e-bikes. So there's a doubt that it won't replace conventional e-bikes, but the miracle is sometimes it works far better than other e-bikes in many ways. Here are the reasons why foldable bikes are worthy enough for every rider, especially adults.

 Excellent performance

If we talk about the most impressive part of a foldable e-bike, it'll be the smoothest performance.  Do you know why it's so amazing to ride on a folding e-bike?

It moves like magic and professionals find it so comfortable and flexible that they even include it on their regular rides. We always prefer folding e-bikes for our long bike tours for their stable and cozy performance.

 Easy to carry

When you plan for far distances with your electric bike, it's difficult to travel through multiple commutes like trains, buses, and sometimes planes with regular e-bikes. On that note, carrying a folding e-bike is super easy.

No matter what transportation mode you choose, just fold your bike and keep it anywhere you sit. You can also carry a bag to store the folding bike when it's not in use.


If you often travel from one place to another, finding a garage or parking for electric bikes is undoubtedly a challenge.  In that situation, a foldable e-bike can save you there.

Apart from that, it's also helpful for our homes that don't have garages. You can even keep it in your cupboard with a storage box or carrying bag.

 Keep your bike safe

According to a US study, the rate of bike theft is increasing by 14% every year and that's quite alarming. Most of them occurred due to unsafe bike parking.

But when you have a foldable electric bike, you don't have to worry about the parking issue anymore because you can carry it to your office, homes, parks, restaurants, and even inside camping tents. So it's safer than traditional bikes.

So isn't it worth getting a foldable e-bike? It is, right? But what features should you find to get a durable electric bike?  Now we're going to help you out with the compulsory features of an electric bike.

What features to look for when buying an electric bike?

If you're getting a new electric bike, but you've no idea which features work best for an electric bike. However, note these things for selecting amazing electric bikes.

 Motor type and power

Electric bikes mostly depend on motor assistance. Although it comes up with both modes, you can shift between motor and pedaling anytime you want. High-quality e-bike motors should have at least 750W power capacity and it goes to class-3 bikes. It's also considered the safest motor type by professionals.

Note: E-Flow offers a 750W motor with high power capacity.  

 Battery capacity

E-bikes use the battery to convert the electrical power to mechanical and help to run faster and better. The 48V/20Ah lithium-ion batteries are the most long-lasting option for avid riders. If you want to replace the bike batteries, you can check Young Electric batteries.

Note: E-Flow provides a Bafang premium battery with 48V/20Ah capacity.

 Frame design and seat adjustments

These bikes come in various sizes for different heights. If the frame size is larger than your height, you can't ride on it comfortably.  This discomfort can cause fatigue, leg pain, and even fractures. In that way, picking the right frame size and design is a must for e-bikes.

Besides the frames, you need to look for cozy and adjustable seats that you can set up according to your height. So it makes your bike riding experience amazing and easier at the same time.


Bike crashes and collisions are the main cause of most electric bike injuries. Almost 66% of bike accidents are caused by bike crashes. Most of those happen due to brake failure. An electric bike with a good braking system can solve this issue to some extent. In that case, the hydraulic disc brakes are best because they ensure great control over your bike.

Note: E-flow comes up with a hydraulic disc braking system.


Along with brakes, electric bikes provide a full or front suspension system. If you want a foldable e-bike with suspension, the front suspension fork is enough. This suspension system will support you in hilly terrains because there are uneven and rough roads everywhere.

Note: E-Flow has a 60mm travel front suspension fork with shock absorption capacity.


Choosing a folding electric bike for adults is tricky because there are thousands of choices in the market. We've mentioned everything that can help to find a suitable foldable e-bike. Once you get the right one, it'll completely change your biking journey to the core.

These bikes are a convenient option for adults but not the right one for kids because they can't understand the folding and unfolding method easily. You'll get more e-bike collections and a wide range of accessories here.

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