All-Terrain Electric Bike Buying Guide 2023

Imagine this: You’re standing on the brink of a tall mountain with the wind in your hair, enjoying the view of the breathtaking landscape.

Your body is filled with the unmistakable thrill of exploring off-road trails. Unfortunately, your electric bike cannot go any farther because you’ve already pushed it to its limit. Its tires can’t take any more off-road abuse and the frame isn’t that strong - it could break at any point during the descent.

Here’s the deal:

You can get that thrill and see more breathtaking landscapes by having an all-terrain electric bike. However, here’s the question: What should you look for when shopping for an all-terrain electric bike in 2023?

Today, we’ll share the top five factors you need to consider when buying an all-terrain e-bike.

So, let’s get started!

What is an All-Terrain Electric Bike?

An all-terrain electric bike, as its name suggests, is a versatile bike that has a motor that runs on battery power to aid you during pedaling. Its sturdy structure allows it to take on all sorts of off-roading, as well as on-roading.

The electric motor provides a more exciting and comfortable riding experience compared to traditional bikes and mountain e-bikes. You will, of course, need to recharge the battery once it gets depleted by simply detaching it from the all-terrain e-bike.

Its motor also gives this electric bike a lot of power and gives it a longer range of movement. The all-terrain electric bike is also equipped with excellent brakes to help you stop as fast as possible in case of an emergency.

At this point, you are probably thinking to yourself:

“Why should I choose an all-terrain e-bike?

Benefits of Choosing an All-Terrain E-Bike

  • Increased riding range- All-terrain electric bikes have larger battery capacities compared to other types of e-bikes.

And the larger battery capacity directly translates to a longer riding range, meaning you’ll be able to explore even the longest trails in remote areas without worrying about your battery running out.

  • Adventures and Exploration- By choosing an all-terrain electric bike, you open yourself to a whole new world of adventures and exploration. You can choose to explore nature reserves with your friends or even tackle tall mountains and rocky hills.

In other words, choosing an all-terrain electric bike allows you to experience more thrill of outdoor exploration. 

  • Eco-friendly- All-terrain e-bikes are eco-friendly since they rely on rechargeable batteries and produce zero emissions. Regardless of whether you’re going off-roading with your friends or commuting to work, you can be sure that you’ve helped reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Health benefits- You’ll still get fit and healthy by using an all-terrain electric bike. Here’s how: While all-terrain e-bikes have a battery-powered motor that provides electrical assistance during riding, you’ll still need to pedal.

Modern all-terrain e-bikes come with the ingenious feature of allowing you to select the degree of assistance you need from the electric motor. That way, you’ll get to engage your muscles and cardiovascular system, thus enhancing your overall fitness.

Factors to Consider When Buying an All-Terrain Electric Bike

Check out these five essential factors that you must consider when buying an all-terrain electric bike:

1. Motor Power

Picture this: You want to climb the highest mountain at a nature conservation site with your friends - you all have e-bikes. As you climb the mountain, you notice that you are unable to keep up with them regardless of how hard you try to pedal.

But,they seem to be riding uphill without breaking a sweat. The secret is hidden behind their all-terrain e-bikes’ motor power.

Here’s the deal: 

An all-terrain electric bike’s motor power has a direct impact on the speed and performance of the bike. The higher the motor power, the better the performance and the higher the speed the e-bike is going to have.

Choosing an all-terrain electric bike with a higher motor power is certainly beneficial, especially if you intend to do lots of intensive adventuring on difficult terrains, e.g., mountain climbing or exploration on uneven surfaces.

You can tell if an all-terrain e-bike has high motor power by checking its wattage (W) rating. The higher the wattage rating, the more motor power it has.

2. Battery Capacity and Life

Now picture this: As you struggle to catch up with your friends, your e-bike’s battery dies and you don’t have a replacement with you. That would be quite inconvenient, right? So how can you avoid such inconveniences?

It’s simple - looking for an all-terrain electric bike with a high battery capacity. It is essential to note that battery capacity directly affects the range and duration of a battery’s life.

Check this out:

Battery capacity is the maximum amount of charge a battery can store. It is usually given as ampere hours (Ah) or Wh (Watt hours). Generally, selecting an all-terrain e-bike with a high Ah or Wh rating will enable you to enjoy longer ranges and battery life.

You can also consider getting an all-terrain electric bike that has the option of adding an additional battery.

The type of battery really matters - consider going for an e-bike that has a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are lighter and pack more energy compared to other battery chemistries. You wouldn’t want to ride an e-bike that has a super-heavy battery. What's more, lithium-ion batteries also last longer in terms of service life, despite frequent charging.

3. Tires and Suspension

An all-terrain electric bike should have fat tires. Here’s why:

Fatter tires are beneficial because they provide the electric bike with better traction. You’ll be able to travel over diverse terrains, e.g., sand, snow, gravel, etc. While conventional thin tires would sink or even wear out quickly in such conditions, making the ride extremely dangerous.

In addition to traveling over diverse terrains, fatter tires also provide an underrated level of comfort. They are able to absorb the shock that comes from going over bumps and uneven terrain quite well.

A rule of thumb is to ensure that the tires have low pressure to enhance grip and traction and to reduce excessive bouncing and vibration as you ride.

All-terrain e-bikes should also have good suspension. Good suspension coupled with fatter tires helps make your ride more comfortable, especially when going over uneven surfaces at higher speeds.

In addition to making the ride more comfortable, good suspension coupled with fat tires gives you good balance.

4. Price Range

Money certainly plays a huge part in the decision of which all-terrain electric bike you should get. And it’s true that all-terrain electric bikes are among the high-end bikes that money can buy today.

Check this out:

Spending more money on buying an all-terrain electric bike can be quite concerning. However, it is essential to note that, sometimes, cheaper turns out to be more expensive. In other words, do not dismiss the quality and service of the all-terrain electric bike for saving more money from your pocket.

When choosing an all-terrain electric bike, consider looking at the features as well as the price.

Doing so will help you get the best for a fair amount of money.

5. Weight Limit

It is essential to check out the weight limit that an all-terrain e-bike can withstand. Here’s why:

Putting too much weight on the all-terrain electric bike puts too much strain on the bike’s frame. In addition, you’ll notice that your tires are getting worn out pretty quickly because of the excessive weight.

The best way to handle this situation is to check your desired all-terrain e-bike’s maximum weight limit. If you have more weight than what’s recommended for the bike, consider looking up another model that will support your weight.

Doing so will help enhance your own safety as you ride the e-bike. It’ll also allow the e-bike to function optimally – that is, without struggling too much.

P.S. Most all-terrain electric bikes have a maximum weight limit ranging between 220 to 350 pounds (100 - 160 kg).

Recommendations Based on Individual Needs and Preferences

It’s no secret that there is a plethora of all-terrain electric bikes in the market today, which makes it difficult for you to settle for the ‘perfect’ one. Luckily,Young Electric Bikes is a leading

brand of high-quality all-terrain electricbikes with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

Check out these three all-terrain electric bikes and what they have to offer:

1. Young Electric E-Scout 750W Off-Road eBike

The Young Electric E-Scout 750W off-road ebike is one of the leading all-terrain electric bikes with all the desirable features any all-terrain rider could want. This e-bike has a 48V/15 Ah LG detachable battery, which is powerful enough to push this ebike to travel 60 miles on pedal-assist mode.


The E-Scout 750W off-road Electric bike also has advanced mechanical suspension which is ideal for an all-terrain electric bike. You can tackle bumpy and uneven road situations comfortably as the ebike is also equipped with a sturdy and professionally-welded frame + fatter wheels.

2. Young Electric E-Scout Pro 750W Long-Range Electric Hunting eBike

The Young E-Scout Pro 750W long-range electric hunting bike is yet another fantastic eBike manufactured specifically with long-range riders in mind. It has the same motor power as the Young Electric E-Scout 750W off-road ebike.

What gives this e-bike its long-range capability is its high-capacity detachable 48V/20 Ah, 960 Wh battery. This battery gives you a range of up to 80 miles at 28mph.

Being a long-range ebike, it has a sturdy frame with advanced welding techniques that guarantees the integrity and longevity of the bike. In addition, it has fatter wheels that absorb shock quite well and gives you better control, therefore, enabling you to have a comfortable ride.

3. Young Electric E-Explorer 1000W Long-Range Electric Hunting Bike

The Young Electric E-Explorer 1000W ebike is the most powerful long-range all-terrain ebike. Its hub motor generates an astounding 1000W! In addition, Young Electric designed this ebike with hunters and off-road riders in mind by including a dual-battery model to increase ride range.

You can ride an average of 90 miles before the battery depletes all its charge. And, since you might want to go a little bit extreme on the off-roading, this ebike comes with a sturdy frame and a heavy-duty rear rack.

The heavy-duty rear rack will help you carry your gear with ease.

Similar to other all-terrain ebikes, the E-Explorer 1000W is equipped with fatter tires for easier peddling and better control & stability. Fatter wheels coupled with a sturdy frame guarantee a comfortable ride for long ranges.