Best Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes 2022

Electric bike are popular due to their affordability and versatility. Electric bike with varied riding styles have recently reached the market. They run on electricity alone. Thus, it's great for leisure. Serious sports bikes and recreational bikes differ significantly.

Cruiser Electric Bikes are for thrill-seekers. Due to stronger electric motors and a better riding position, they're convenient whether you're pedaling or not.

Cruiser Electric Bikes are equipped with a big, plush seat and handlebars that assist you in maintaining an upright riding position, making them ideal for relaxing rides. With good reason, they are among the most widely purchased electric bicycles available now. A satisfying experience on these beach cruiser motorcycles depends on some elements.


A Cruiser Electric Bike's battery and motor allow for effortless pedaling. In this case, the distance the bike can travel before needing to be recharged is limited by its range. The bikes can travel further thanks to the pedal-assist feature.

The substance of the frame

As a result, the rider's weight is distributed evenly throughout the Cruiser Electric Bikes frame. The suspension works as a conduit to pass sudden impacts to the chassis. Thus, the building material must be strong enough to sustain the contents. Likewise, the frame material needs to be light and pliable to conform to various road conditions.

Style of Wheels

Wheel type is essential for Cruiser Electric Bikes because they are explicitly designed for sandy surfaces. A bike's speed can be significantly slowed by having wheels with a thin profile, as they will stock more quickly in the sand.

The sand is softer on the flat or fat wheels, which also act as cushions. When it comes to stopping the bike, the wheel type plays a crucial role, ultimately contributing to the rider's security.

Considering these considerations, you should have no trouble finding a suitable electric beach cruiser bike. As a result of the popularity of this more relaxed style of cycling, numerous electric bike manufacturers have released re-imagined cruiser models. Below, let's go through a few Cruiser Electric Bikes options so you can pick the one that's best for you.  

Best Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

1. Young Electric

The Young Electric Vie series is an excellent beach Cruiser Electric Bike that looks fantastic and has the advantages of a powerful motor and up to 90 miles of Ultra-Comfortable Riding Range, more than enough to get you to and from the beach or the boardwalk with ease. Young electric bicycles use a 1.5kg Mivice 350W Brushless Rear Hub Motor to deliver reliable electric propulsion and a top speed of 20 mph while saving riders time and effort.

The 36V, 10.4AH rear rack battery can travel 90 miles (145 km) per charge. It takes 5.5 hours to fully charge, so your next journey won't be lengthy. YOUNG ELECTRIC bikes have top-tier components like Shimano gears, Karasawa disc brakes, KMC chains, and CST tyres.


  • It is inexpensive
  • It has a low environmental impact
  • It has multiple positive effects on human health and well-being.


  • It takes a long time to charge.

2. NAKTO Electric Bike

The first bicycle is produced by a company that has earned a stellar reputation in the cycling industry. Nikto's ingenious electric bikes combine high performance with lower prices. Indulge in relaxed rides on the Nakto Electric Cruiser Electric Bikes. A 350W brushless electric motor is installed, allowing the bike to reach speeds of 18-25 mph. The 36V 10Ah battery can power the vehicle for either short or long distances. 

With pedal assistance, the bike can go 35 kilometres. Tonne-supporting steel construction is excellent. The bike's 6-speed Shimano system provides three riding styles. Long beach drives are smoother with front and rear suspension. A front v-brake and rear expansion brake ensure safe stopping.


  • A more prominent front basket for your belongings,
  • A more extended range,
  • Ability to ride at night thanks to a brighter LED light.


  • No up-to-date screen to show further ride information

3. SOHO's e-beach cruiser

As a customer-focused company, Soho works to make affordable electric bikes available to all. When it comes to high-tech electric bikes, nobody beats Soho's selection. The unique aluminium frame of the Soho Beach Cruiser Electric Bikes fuses the features of step-over and step-through bicycles. A 500W brushless motor powered by a 48V battery drives the bike.

The increased range of 55–65 miles is the result of a faster acceleration that allows for a top speed of 25 mph (pedal assisted). The bike has four riding modes besides standard and throttle. A 7-speed Shimano gear system allows these options.

Dual disc brakes safeguard riders. The front suspension provides good handling and agility. For extended trips, the LCD displays speed, range, etc. Both ends have 26-inch wheels.


  • There are four different riding settings to accommodate varied preferences,
  • The aluminium saddle has a storage compartment for your belongings.
  • Other features include rear and front LED lights and dual disc brakes.


  • Limited one-year guarantee  

4. Sixthreezero Electric-Bicycles

Sixthreezero creates a variety of cruiser motorcycles with the dependability as a primary design principle. Their products' minimalist aesthetic stems directly from the creators' desire to provide their end users with the highest level of convenience.

The Sixthreezero Cruiser Electric Bikes is designed for mature riders. A motor with a 250W electric output drives it. The battery is a 250W unit that quickly provides 40-60 miles of range. Depending on your chosen mode, the motorcycle can reach up to 28 miles per hour.

Shimano's 7-speed gears make for easy shifting and are a significant aid when using the pedal-assist feature. Electric bicycles have a shorter stopping distance thanks to the twin disc brake system. Better traction in the sand can be expected from the 26-inch wheels.

Additional rider comfort is provided by the padding they offer. The bikes' frames are made with grownups in mind. It has a maximum load capacity of roughly 250 pounds.


  • The lack of a spring-loaded suspension system does not hinder the bike's comfort.
  • Disc brakes are quick to respond,
  • The seating position is comfortable.


  • No LCD to view bike stats

5. Swagtron Cruiser Electric Bicycle


Swagatron's cutting-edge electric bicycles were meant to change the way people commute forever. Innovative designs attract all generations. Swagtron offers the Swagcycle EB-11 Cruiser Electric Bikes. A motor with a 250W electric output drives it. The 36V changeable batteries provide ample range for a trip to the beach, at 28 miles. 

The Shimano 7-speed gear system smoothly transitions between the various riding modes. It means the bike can comfortably reach its maximum speed of 16.5 mph. The maximum angle of the incline it can handle is 25 degrees.

The solid yet lightweight aluminium frame can take a beating and keep going. You may safely put up to 264.5 lbs. upon it. With 26-inch wheels, you'll quickly get around on the sand. The suspension is kept relatively rigid in this configuration, making it an excellent choice for use on level ground. There is a battery and extra luggage storage saddle at the back. 


  • There's plenty of room in the back for your bags,
  • You can haul up to 264.5 pounds
  • You'll have no trouble navigating hills as steep as 25 degrees.


  • No built-in LCD for bike-related information 

6. The KORNORGE Electric Bike

Since it began selling electric bicycles, Kornorge has provided customers with high-quality options. It has created a new line of bicycles equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the classic cycling experience. A Cruiser Electric Bike, the Kornorge Electric Bike is powered by the sun.

The electric motors total 350W and are powerful enough to propel an adult. The electric bike's powerful 36V 12.5Ah battery allows it to travel 30–45 miles before recharging. The maximum angle of incline at which the motorcycle will struggle is 15 degrees.

In full-electric mode, the bike's acceleration increases dramatically, reaching a high speed of around 15.5 mph with a throttle twist—a massive, removable 36V battery with a 28-mile range. The 6-speed gearbox makes it simple to switch between pedal-assist and full throttle. 

Bikes with 26-inch wheels can go anywhere without the risk of getting bogged down. The bike's speed can be modulated using the front and rear disc brakes, both of which have been upgraded. Suspension on the front fork and the seat makes the bike more manageable and relaxing.


  • A hill gradient of 15 degrees makes it easy to climb steep surfaces;
  • A short stopping distance due to disc brakes;
  • Comfortable rides thanks to the front suspension and rear seat suspension. 


  • No onboard LCD to display crucial bike information.

7. Schwinn Mendocino 

    Schwinn pioneered high-performance bikes. The company's high-performance bikes demonstrate its unmatched biking knowledge. Cruiser Electric Bikes are easy to ride for youngsters and adults. 

    The aluminium frame of the Schwinn Mendocino Hybrid Electric Bike allows for its minimal weight. A motor with a 250W electric output drives it. This motor can supply the bike with instantaneous power, allowing you to reach speeds up to 20 mph easily. In pedal-assist mode, the 313-Watt battery can power the motor for 35 to 55 miles.

    This vehicle has a 6-speed manual transmission with a shifter on the trigger. It facilitates the ability to change gears quickly and travel at varying speeds. The disc brakes ensure the rider's and the bike's safety by providing adequate stopping power. The bikes' ergonomic design makes riding easy for riders of varying statures. You'll have no trouble getting around on the sand with those 26-inch tyres. 


    • A lightweight aluminium frame.
    • Improved stopping power from disc brakes.
    • The ability to charge from standard wall outlets. 


    • no throttle mode
    • A stiff suspension system

    8. Electro-Bicycle by Hurley

      A hallmark of the Hurley brand is its willingness to incorporate cutting-edge tech. This forward-thinking company designs its products with today's consumers in mind. The following motorcycle is built on the same foundation as Hurley.

      The simple and relaxing Hurley Cruiser Electric Bikes is there for you. The electric motor is rated at 250W, sufficient for short trips. There's a 36V battery hooked up to the engine, and it can travel 20 kilometres on a single charge. Due to its single gear, the bike can reach up to 20 miles per hour. 

      Numerous safety groups, like UL, ACT, etc., have evaluated the reliability of this electric bicycle. The bike's 700c steel frame can handle tough sand. Sand beaches suit 26-inch alloy wheels. A handlebar-mounted LCD screen displays cycling data. LED headlamps aid nighttime riding.


      • The bike is pre-assembled, making final assembly a breeze;
      • It can accommodate riders between 5.5 and 5.8 feet in height;
      • It can be ridden safely in low-light environments


      • No spring suspensions
      • No user-selectable driving modes

      9. Electrifying Bike Cyrusher 

      With one goal in mind—to make their bikes as much joy to ride as they are to look at—Cyrusher has been hard at work producing their latest models. Cyrusher's bikes are therefore optimised to perform well on various surfaces. This Cruiser Electric Bikes, the Cyrusher, don't mess around. It features a high-powered 750W electric motor manufactured by Bafang, guaranteeing excellent performance.

      With its 80 N.m of torque, this bike can reach speeds of up to 20 mph when operating solely on electricity, making it ideal for urban commutes. If you upgrade to the larger 48V 13Ah battery, you can go between 28 and 45 miles before recharge.

      The bike's Shimano 7-speed gears allow for different riding styles. Beaches are perfect for its 26-inch wheels and huge tyres. The front suspension's impact absorption reduces steering wheel jolt. The electric bike's dual disc brakes stop quickly.


       Comfortable and controlled rides over the beach dunes;

      • Wide tyres make for easy manoeuvring on sand;
      • Front suspension with 80mm of travel
      • Ideal for riding at night with its built-in LED headlamp


      • Expensive compared to rivals


      Today, we have gone through some of the finest alternatives for you to select a Cruiser Electric Bike. These bikes provide a unique sensation that can't be had with any other bicycle. Selecting the best electric beach cruiser bike won't be difficult if you remember a few key points. 

      By considering these characteristics, they were able to expand the selection of cruiser bikes they provided.

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