Best Christmas Gift- Ebike Choices For Women

Christmas is a joyous occasion and a time for one to get away from a hectic routine but it brings stress when deciding gifts for your lovely ones, especially your lady. In wide considerations of ideas, ebike would be a perfect and creative choice. The reason you might wonder is that ebikes, not only can do good for body health like conventional bicycles, but also can save you time and unnecessary effort and time of both exercises and commuting. In a word, this innovation is convenient for an easy life. Whether your girl is an outdoor enthusiast or an environmentalist, it’s sure that she will love this unique gift.

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Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? So let’s dive into the required details of choosing the best ebike for women as a special Christmas gift.

Things to consider

Multiple considerations should be made for ebike for women or for anyone in terms of their features, types, prices, safety and comfort, which all affect the riding experience and satisfaction of riders.

Safety First--Battery & Motor

Battery and motor are crucial elements for any type of electric bicycle. Motor capacity determines the pace and smoothness of a ride. Higher motor power in watts means higher speed. Some motors have sensors for the detection of pedal rotations and force exerting for a natural ride experience. These motors can handle different types of terrain, like hilly pathways and deserts. 

An important safety measure is the choice of battery to power the motor system. Battery should be chosen according to safety standards by state authorities or international authorities like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and International Electrotechnical Commission. Some electric bicycle companies use lithium-ion batteries and some use aluminum-ion batteries, each of these has its own perks in terms of being lightweight, having energy density and high-performance voltage powers. And in terms of convenience, these batteries should be easily removable for recharging.

The safety of an ebike can also be checked in several other ways such as its frame and brake system, as well as in terms of its functionality and usage life. The stability of an ebike and its handling are considered in relation to the proper weight distribution of the rider. Ebikes with speed sensors add value to safety as they can help riders adjust speed properly. Proper riding techniques, education and law-abiding add up to safety. It has an audible signal/bell for pedestrians. Locking and tracking systems enhance the security of ebikes. Moreover, the safety of such equipment highly depends upon their maintenance. Therefore, proper maintenance is also required for the hustle-free performance of the ebike.

Functionality and usage

Different types of ebikes are designed for different purposes and for different users.

In terms of rider groups, some bikes are perfect for women, some for youngsters and some for men according to size, shape and feasibility.

In terms of ebike usage, some bikes are for adventurous pathways like to being used in the mountains. Some for casual riding, some for leisure. Similarly, some people use ebikes for cargo services, and some ebikes are prepared to stand for busy and difficult roads, for fitness criteria. 

In terms of assist mode, some electric bicycles use pedal assistance and some use throttle to control motor power.

Besides, all these. Some manufacturers have special considerations for specific weather conditions. Therefore, you must consider the main terrains and usage of the ebike in the future before making the final decision.

Riding comfort

Comfort for riding is as important as safety concerns. Everyone has their own comfort criteria, but some common things for ebike comfort can be design models, bike accessories like the choice of pedals, brakes, lights and overall shape and appearance.

Pedal sensors make the accelerations smoother and prevent the risks of sudden jerks. Some electric bicycles have very strong shock absorbers for stability on uneven tracks like hilly pathways.

Some Electric bicycles have a display for assistance such as to monitor speed and battery level and also for navigation systems.

What’s more, the location of the motor also influences the riding comfort as the hub motors (in the hub of the wheel) are simpler than mid-drive motors (near the pedals).

Size and weight

Unlike conventional bicycles,  Ebikes are heavier because of motor system could be slightly difficult for one to carry and ride. Some electric bicycles have folding designs to make the transport and storage of ebikes easier. Meanwhile, aluminum-based ebike frames have a balance of weight and strength.

So there should be proper consideration of the user's size and weight and its correlation to ebikes. Comparable size provides a comfortable riding position and prevents physical body aches. This can affect the user's comfort and the bicycle's performance.  It is advised to choose an ebike that would be suitable for the user.

These features should be considered to buy an ebike for women you love and you can narrow down the options for a better and user-friendly ebike. 

Recommended Ebikes

In this section, we will provide you with some information regarding the recommended ebikes for women and compare their features and costs.

Of multiple choices, these two models are best recommended for women


E-Vie has a 350W motor and high-capacity rechargeable batteries that can maximize the speed up to 20 mph and provide a range of 90 miles. These batteries will be fully charged within 5.5 hours. E-Vie bike has an aluminium-based frame which makes them light in weight and easy to operate. It has several other features like a removable battery, display and LED light system that help users ride anytime (whether day or night). It also adopts a suspension fork to ensure comfortable riding.

Such an ebike is accessible for leisure road trips and commutes to work. It can run up to 90 miles on a single charge.


E-flow is also a highly updated and user-friendly ebike for women. It has a smart system for its work and has a display for different features to control. It has a 750W motor that can maximize its speed up to 28 mph while pedaling. The throttle can provide an extra boost, and along with a 960Wh battery, it’s best for long rides. Hydraulic brakes, shock absorbers and LED lights add up to its safety and comfort. This urban electric bicycle has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be simply charged by plugging in a charging point close to the pedal or you can also remove it off the ebike to charge. Its 8-hour charging can run for up to 90 miles.

Despite its many features of being lightweight and endurable, it’s recommended mostly because it’s foldable and easy to store. This type of ebike is highly effective for discovery trips and for people who need to take multiple transportation.


We have covered some of the key factors to choose the best from different ebikes according to the user's comfort and safety. We hope it can help you decide better to choose the best ebike as a present for your lady on this occasion of Christmas. You can also take a look at other styles for men also in Young Electric. You are always welcome to visit our store or if you need any help from the support team.

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