Best Off-Road Electric Bikes 2023


Off-road electric bikes provide an efficient mode of transport while allowing riders to go off the beaten path. Electric bikes are growing in popularity and there is a huge range on offer, from trail-riding mountain monsters to commuter-friendly city switches.

In this article, we will discuss the capabilities and features of off-road electric bikes, review five of the best products available in 2023 and provide guidance on how to get your bike for a good price.

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What Is An Off-Road Electric Bike?

Do you want to be able to explore different terrains in safety and comfort? An Off-Road E-Bike could just be the perfect choice for you. Despite being a little more expensive than regular road e-bikes, they offer greater flexibility across terrains such as mud tracks, hills and gravel roads.

Featuring an improved motor with increased torque along with larger tires for better grip, these bikes also offer greater stability during your ride!

And at just $1399 you can get the Young Electric E-Scout 750W Off-Road e-bike, a great way to get into the world of off-road riding!

What Capabilities Are Required To Be An Ebike For Roads And Hills?

In order to ensure that a bike performs up to its fullest potential as an off-road electric bike, there are particular components that must be incorporated into its design. Here is a list of the essentials needed for any reliable off-road eBike:

1. High-Torque Motor

Any cyclist who is planning on riding off-road needs to select a motor that can provide the extra bit of power needed in challenges, this could vary from 500 watts right up. In order for an electric bicycle engine to enable you to tackle any inclines and tough surfaces; it is best to go with something more powerful.

To be able to ride over any kind of terrain you will need good torque, so make sure when picking a motorbike this has been taken into account too.

2. Fat Tires

Traditional city bikes are typically equipped with thin road style tires, which can struggle on certain surfaces and in wet conditions - but this isn’t the case with an off-road electric bike.

To help riders tackle different conditions, it should have fat tires that provide more grips on difficult surfaces and can handle bumps without concerns over punctures or knocks – allowing you to ride in confidence.

The Young Electric E-Scout 750W off-road ebike has 26" fat tires that offer supreme grip, stability and control when riding on rough terrain. As a result, fat tires are an essential component for all off-road electric bikes.

3. Powerful Brakes For Greater Control

Good braking helps the rider to get through more dangerous trails safely and quickly – so when it comes to buying your off-road electric bike, ensuring it has the right brakes is essential.

To achieve this, look for hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors to give greater protection and controlled stops over tricky terrain – without taking away your momentum or compromising safety in any way!

Some of the best off-road electric bike models, like the Young Electric E-Scout 750W, come equipped with Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes that stop reliably and increase stopping power in any condition.

4. Long Range Battery Life And Extended Ride Time

Are you riding an off-road electric bicycle? Then, a heftier battery may be essential. For instance, the Young Electric E-Scout 750W packs a 10Ah 48V Lithium Battery which can deliver up to 60 miles of uninterrupted ride.

In addition, a fast-charging adaptor is included in the package so you can top it up during your escape without delay! Thus, these features offer an ample boost to off-road adventures.

5. Electronic Assists:

Electric Bikes provide an easy and stress-free experience for all cyclists with a plethora of helpful features, such as light sensors or Pedal Assist. Even the most basic model offers multiple speeds allowing you to keep pedaling at a constant velocity whenever necessary!

Most models such as the Young Electric E-Scout 750W have an easy-to-read display, so you can accurately keep track of your speed whenever needed. All in all, they are helpful in making for a safer and more comfortable ride!

6. Tough Frames

Look out for frames that are lightweight yet strong and durable, such as one made from Aluminum Alloy – like the Young Electric E-Scout 750W.

This offers increased strength while remaining nimble enough to handle more difficult trails easily – maximizing your enjoyment of every ride!

Your frame should also accommodate all body sizes with enough space – as making comfort and practicality its foremost priorities.

7. Weather-Resistant Features & Choice Of Accessories

Finally, your off-road electric bike needs to be able to handle any weather conditions – making sure you can ride in rain and wind without any issues. Besides, accessories are also important for your off-road electric bike – so make sure to check out what type of add-ons you can include such as panniers and baskets. Look for features such as an adjustable front fork that allows the rider to make adjustments on the fly, or integrated lights so visibility is always kept even when riding at night. And, if you buy from a good supplier such as Young Electric Bikes, all these components should come included in the price allowing for even more money to be saved! 

What Can An Off-Road Ebike Bring To Us?

Off-road electric bikes bring a ton of benefits to adventurous cyclists, from improved performance and greater convenience up hills or across all terrains – to the capability for more extensive rides.

While riding an Off-Road E-bike isn’t significantly quicker than pedaling on roads, it does offer assistance which is particularly useful on hills and other challenging terrains. What’s more – you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty or feeling tired as the pedal-assist feature will help carry some of your weight!

Plus, as electric bikes are battery-powered, it is cost-efficient to keep charging up and enjoying your trips - instead of wasting time on refueling.

What Are The Best Off-Road Ebikes In The Market?

So, the wait is over, and now we will check out the best off-road electric bikes in the market right now.

1. Young Electric 750w E-Scout Off-Road 26’’ Fat Tire Ebike

From steep mountains to off-road terrains, the E-Scout ebike is here for your adventure! With a 750w Rear Hub Motor providing immense power and speeds up to 28 MPH using its pedal alone - you can doubtlessly conquer every challenge.

Its 48V/15Ah, 720WH Lithium-ion battery is removable and can make up to a 60-mile range on pedal assist mode - letting you go farther than ever before! Thanks to its high luminance headlight and its Shimano 7-Speed Gearing system for smooth gear shifts - you can depend on the E-Scout to keep up with any terrain, even at night.

Every trip will feel like a breeze, thanks to its Hydraulic Disc Brakes providing superior stopping power combined with its adjustable suspension fork - you’ll be able to find comfort on any terrain.

All in all, let the E-Scout take your adventure further and make it worthwhile everytime! 

2. Young Electric 960WH E-Scout Pro Long Range 750w Electric Bike

Be prepared to go on all-terrain adventures with the Young Electric E-Scout Pro super powerful 750W Brushless Hub Motor ebike. With speeds reaching up to 28MPH by your pedals and 20 MPH through a throttle grip, you conquer any challenges that come your way.

An adjustable 80mm suspension fork with lockout and preload adjustment provides a more flexible cycling experience, while sensitized hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping control in an emergency situation, making cyclist safety the top priority.

Additionally, the Integrated 3.5-inch HMI display will supply you with all the vital information when navigating any trails, the Shimano 7-speed gearing makes it easy to adjust to any terrain or weather condition, while KENDA 26"x 4 fat tires ensure superior traction and control. Therefore, you can consider this bike too!

3. Young Electric 1000w E-Explorer Electric Bike For Hunting

Go hunting with a powerful electric bike from Young Electric. A 1000W brushless rear hub motor provides the power you need for steep trails, carrying heavy loads and long trips. With three frame sizes to fit anyone comfortably, this strong aluminum structure is built with a cargo capacity of over 330 lbs.

A 48V 15Ah optional dual battery was designed to keep center the gravity low with maximum bike stability, while the 3.5" color matrix HMI display allows riders to easily see their speed, distance traveled, average speed, battery capacity and more.

It has brake lights function while a 100 Lux headlight shines the way on dark trails and fastening points for all your gear with additional accessories that differ from other brands already in the market, making this bike even better.

4. Young Electric Long Range 26'' Fat Tire Electric Bike

Take the road less traveled, with rear hub motor, dual batteries and powerful lighting, you will be able to explore further than ever before.

The Young Electric Explorer boasts a 1000W geared Hub Motor for steep trails and heavy loads as well a slower speed of up to 28mph that provides a smooth ride and decreased wear on the chain, cogs and derailleur.

It lights your path even further with the high-power headlight paired with an integrated taillight and brake light controlled by a dedicated headlight switch for safety. And with a heavy-duty rear rack, you can carry your cargo without limit!

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How To Get Your Off-Road Ebike On The Best Budget?

If you’re looking for a great deal on an off-road electric bike, then look no further than Young Electric Bikes. They are currently offering amazing discounts across their Off-Road E-Bike range–including the popular E-Scout 750W.

This model comes equipped with a powerful brushless 750W motor and durable Alloy frame, allowing you to tackle various terrains without compromising on safety!

Plus, the bikes come complete with Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes for assured stopping power in any conditions - or during any descent. For a limited time only, the E-Scout is being offered at an amazing price of $1399 - giving everyone access to own one awesome bike!


Off-road electric bikes are growing in popularity for cyclists who want to extend their journeys across varying terrain - and with other good reason. With a powerful motor, adjustable suspension system and sturdy frame – this type of bike can go anywhere you desire without breaking the bank!

From trails along rocky mountainsides to muddy off-road paths – the right electric bike will open up a world of adventure for you to explore. Furthermore, with discounts online at Young Electric Bikes you can get an amazing E-Scout 750w Off-Road Bike for just $1,399 - giving you even more savings.

So why not take your cycling off-road and enjoy the thrills that an electric bike can offer - while staying safe and secure in any conditions?

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