E-Scout Pro VS Aventure.2 - Define the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

E-Scout Pro is an advanced fat tire electric bike that combines powerful performance, comfort and aesthetics, and is one of the options available to commuters and outdoor enthusiasts in urban areas. This ebike is specially designed for difficult terrain and roads, providing a smooth and powerful ride thanks to its electric assistance, high-capacity battery, fat tires and outstanding suspension. Its stylish design, sturdy construction and intuitive controls make it an ideal choice for people looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient means of transportation. In this article, we will discover the most important features of E-Scout Pro and the most important differences between it and Aventure.2.

E-Scout Pro VS Aventure.2 Define the Best Fat Tire Electric Bike

Key Features Confrontation

Both E-Scout Pro and Aventure.2 offer a wide range of features and technology, we are going to discover and compare some of the best features between these two fat tire electric bikes: 



E-Scout Pro



750W Rear Hub Motor

750W Rear Hub Motor


48V/20Ah 960Wh LG Battery

48V/15Ah 720Wh with LG Cell


Up to 80 miles

Up to 60 miles


Front suspension fork, 80mm travel with lockout and preload adjustment

Front suspension fork, 80mm travel, with lockout


Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Disc Brake


5-Year Limited Warranty

2-Year Warranty


Adjusted Cadence Sensor

Torque Sensor


Desert Camouflage / Gun Metal

Green / Slate Grey





  1. Battery Capacity and Range

E-Scout Pro fat tire electric bike is equipped with the newly upgraded 48V/20Ah, 960Wh LG battery with BMS system, stably leveling the range up to 80 miles which makes it a long range electric bike. Its removable design also makes it convenient to charge wherever you are. These two updates work together to get you rid of the range anxiety easily and extend your adventure further. On the other hand, the Aventure.2 features a slightly smaller 720Wh battery. While still substantial, it provides a maximum range of up to 60 miles per charge. This is adequate for many riders but falls short compared to the E-Scout Pro, particularly for those who need extended range.

  1. Motor Power

When it comes to motor power, E-Scout Pro adopts a 750W (Peak Power≥1000W) BAFANG SUTTO Brushless Hub Motor to gain enough power with speeds reaching up to 28 MPH by the pedal, and 20 MPH by pure throttle, helping you conquer any terrain. On the other hand, the Aventure.2 also comes with a 750W motor, offering comparable performance in terms of power. Both e-bikes provide a strong and efficient ride, but the E-Scout Pro's motor is slightly optimized for higher efficiency, which can be beneficial for long rides and varied terrain.

  1. Warranty

It’s worth mentioning that, not only for E-Scout Pro, but also all e-bikes from Young Electric offer a 5-year limited warranty: a 5-year warranty for the bike frame, all other mechanical components at a 1-year warranty, and electrical components at a 2-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for riders. This generous warranty period covers a range of potential issues and supports the longer lifespan of the e-bike. On the other hand, the Aventure.2 offers a 2-year warranty on its frame and components. Both warranties reflect the quality and durability of the e-bikes, but besides warranty, E-Scout Pro also comes with superior customer service and support provided by Young Electric, making you assured and satisfied both pre-sales and after-sales.

  1. Sensor

Aventure.2 is equipped with a torque sensor that detects force applied to the pedals and adjust motor assistance accordingly. On the other hand, E-Scout Pro comes with a finely tuned cadence sensor, which provides a more responsive and protected riding experience, also providing a smooth and natural ride.

  1. Color

Aesthetically, E-Scout Pro is available in a unique desert camouflage color which helps you blend in hunting but stand out due its motor power, and a sleek and modern black color, which symbolizes elegance and strength. Its simple, elegant design fits well into urban environments and complements a wide range of personal styles. However, Aventure.2 offers color options of green and grey. This versatility allows riders to choose a bike that reflects their personality and preferences, although some may prefer the more unique and extraordinary look of the E-Scout Pro.

  1. Price

E-Scout Pro fat tire electric bike is positioned as a premium e-bike, reflecting its advanced features and high performance. Moreover, it comes at a competitive price, with its superior battery capacity, motor efficiency, and user-friendly and comfortable design. On the other hand, Aventure.2 is priced higher, making it affordable for non-budget-conscious consumers. But to tum up, both fat tire electric bikes offer solid performance and features, the cost of the E-Scout Pro can be seen as an investment in enhanced range, better ride quality, and advanced technology.

Why does E-Scout Pro Score?

1-Tackle Any Road Conditions

E-Scout Pro is equipped with an adjustable front suspension system and shock-absorbing fat tires, allowing you to ride without being restricted by the terrain's demands no matter the routines you choose. Whether you're traversing mountainous ridges or winding forest trails, you can tweak the bike settings for an optimized and smooth ride. This ebike is also combined with robust frames, these ebikes are ready to tackle any off-road condition, no matter how rough or challenging it might be.

2-Stand Out from the Crowd

What sets this electric hunting bike apart from other electric bikes is its unique design, advanced technology, and sturdy construction.

There’s no doubt that the camouflage color option has endowed E-Scout Pro an outstanding highlights and made it stand out from other models. Thanks to its sleek and modern aesthetic, and the high-quality materials used, it ensures not only a visually attractive ride but also a durable and reliable ride.

Equipped with advanced features such as a powerful motor, high-capacity battery and intuitive controls, the E-Scout Pro is designed to provide an exceptional driving experience. Attention to detail and commitment to excellence allow it to stand out in a crowded market, attracting the interest of discerning riders looking for both performance and style.

3-Meet Every Riding Demand

Providing both step-through and step-over frame design, E-Scout Pro perfectly meets the demands of all riding groups, removing some worries of not being able to lift their legs over the top-tube due to dressing limits or disability issues.

Equipped with a solid frame and suspension, adopting a high-capacity battery, E-Scout Pro responds to all riding conditions and requirements, whether you're commuting in natural urban areas, intense with off-road terrain, or commuting long distances, this amazing e-bike is designed with versatility in mind.

On the other hand, thanks to the combination of fat tires, solid suspension, headlight and brake light, pre-loaded fenders and rear rack, E-Scout Pro is made to adapt to different environments and riding preferences. It also ensures that E-Scout Pro can shift between different modes and settings and that it meets the demands of all riders, from casual riders to serious adventurers.

4-Worry-Free Experience

E-Scout Pro is engineered to provide a worry-free experience, emphasizing reliability, safety, and user-friendly operation. Its high-capacity battery ensures extended riding time without the constant need for recharging, while the durable frame and components minimize maintenance concerns. The inclusion of advanced safety features, such as integrated lights, reflective elements, and reliable braking systems, enhances rider confidence and security. Additionally, intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface make it accessible to riders of all skill levels, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

Besides the premium quality that E-Scout Pro provide, Young Electric customer service are always there to resolve all the possible confusion and problems that you may have before and after purchasing, making sure you have a worry-free shopping experience.


E-Scout Pro excels in tackling any road condition with its adjustable suspension and fat tires, while standing out with its unique design, advanced technology, and sturdy build. It caters to all riders with versatile frame options, offering a worry-free experience through reliability, safety features, and user-friendly operation. Overall, E-Scout Pro combines exceptional performance and style, meeting the demands of discerning riders and ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience supported by excellent customer service. Therefore, as the demand for sustainable modes of transportation continues to grow,  E-Scout Pro is likely to remain a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to fuel-powered vehicles.

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