How to Choose an Electric Fat Tire Bike

The existence of an electric fat tire bike has come in handy for our modern lifestyles, which has contributed greatly to the popularity of this kind of bikes. When choosing the right fat tire to complement you and your needs, some important factors must be considered. Unlike other standard bikes, the thick tires come in a variety of styles and sizes. making it easy to ride on different terrains. With all these choices, you might feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what is best for you. But you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we will give you detailed information on what fat tire e-bikes are, their classes and types, and how to choose an electric fat tire bike.

What Are Electric Fat Tire Bikes?

Electric fat tire bikes just as the name implies is an electric bike that has wide and thick tires. They are great for several occasions and exceptional on both paved and rough roads although they are built for rough terrain. This e-bike doesn't require much pressure to operate. Their tire is 3.8 -5.0 inches tall, which helps it to create better traction that helps you travel over ice, snow, and gravel without breaking down. Fat tire e-bikes are grouped into classes based on their function and performance. These classes are typically based on their motors and speed.  There are 3 classes of e-bikes which include :

Class 1: This class of e-bike easily fits into the conventional bike riding styles. It has a pedal assist which can give a support of 20Mph.

Class 2: This is similar to class one as it can also assist about 20 miles per hour. The motor is easily initiated with the use of a throttle. It is easy to ride in a similar area as class 1.

Class 3: Compared to the first two classes, this class can provide pedal assist of about 28 miles per hour. They are exceptional for cyclist who is willing to ride fast and are also considered for off-road trips.

Although there are rules guiding e-bike traffic in different regions, there are different classes and the choice to choose depends on your riding style and needs.

 Fat tire electric bike

Types of Electric Fat Tire Bikes

There are different types of fat tires, and you can always choose depending on your need and style of ride. This is an important step to getting the right bike. We have grouped the types of fat tire bikes into three categories which include:

General purpose Fat Tire E-Bike

This easily serves different purposes and that is why they are referred to as the all-rounder's e-bike. Among the other categories, they are the most common electric fat tire bike. The versatility, strength, and power offered by this fat tire bike contributed immensely to its popularity. This fat tire bike has a feature that serves different purposes making it easy for different cyclists to use regardless of their lifestyle activities.

Foldable Electric Fat Tire Bike

They are easy to access due to their weight, and serve a mobile purpose as they're easy to be carried in a car, truck, or train. If you enjoy casual rides and also want to have fun every step of the way, then this bike will serve you better. They are easy to ride and beginners will find them interesting too.  

Hunting Fat tire E-bike 

This is the last of the category, its functions, and capabilities make it perfect for hunting. This fat tire bike is very similar to the standard mountain bike because of its specificity as they include extra components that make hunting very easy.  

Features to consider in a Fat tire e-bike?

When choosing the right Fat tire bikes for your need. It is crucial to consider the following features which include:


This is a key feature of a fat tire e-bike and when compared to a standard bike, it ensures stability and reduces tension. This 4" thick tire has an increased effect on the rolling resistance making it easy to ride. It can operate at lower pressure serving you a perfect ride on the mountain, in the snow, and on the beach. This is the reason why you need to pay attention to the tire when considering the right fat tire bike.

A Kenda tire is highly recommended by different e-bike cyclists because it has more surface contact with the ground giving you better traction. The K-shield technology and the sidewall stripping innovation enhance safety and longevity, making electric fat tire bikes capable to go anywhere.  


The performance in regards to distance covered by the fat tire bike is dependent on the battery. This is crucial when making decisions regarding your choice of electric bike. Fat tire bike capacity is dependent on many factors which include power, terrain, payload capacity, speed, weight, and riding style. The power generated by the pedal assists to determine the capacity of the battery. Battery capacity ranges from 36 to 48 volts, with the three top manufacturers which are Samsung, Panasonic, and LG.


The powerful electric motor in this bike makes it lovable and exciting to ride. Generally, fat tire bikes have geared hub motors that have an output of 750 -1500W. If you need off-road rides, then it is advisable to get a 750W-1000W electric bike. The benefit of a hub motor gear is its reliability and easy maintenance. The huge success of hub motor gear is attributed to its simplicity.


Every electric bike has either a mechanical or hydraulic brake. We recommend hydraulic brakes because they produce a great braking effect compared to mechanical brakes which are not reliable enough during emergencies.


This is crucial for shock absorption, which helps you stay balanced on the bike. They can absorb the shock from rocks and different obstacles which may cause you to stumble. A front suspension is great for this job.

Our Recommendations

Now that you know all the important features, classes, and types of electric bikes that suit your riding style. Then, you are probably wondering how to get the best fat tire bike. This is why we have taken the time to research and review the best fat tire bike for your need. Below are our top 3 recommendations :

Young Electric E-Explorer

This is a fat tire e-bike with a long-range, 1000-watt motor and dual battery of 48V 15Ah. It has a regulated top speed of 15.5mph. This is a class 3 e-bike that is perfect for hard and rough surfaces. A strong frame made with aluminum makes it perfect for different cyclists. It also has a 5-level riding mode which makes it easy for beginners and interesting for expert cyclists. This fat tire bike can cover a distance of 90 miles on a single charge. It also has 4" Kenda tires which gives it extra surface contact. With the LG battery, it is more reliable and great for hunting.

fat tire ebike

Young Electric E-scout Pro

E-scout Pro has an effective 750W hub motor that is brushless. This helps it display more power with a speed aiming at 28mph with the pedal and 20mph by the throttle. It can cover a distance of 80 miles on pedal assist mode with a 48V/20Ah removable LG battery. It has an adjustable suspension fork which gives the rider good balance and comfort. It's equipped with a dual hydraulic brake which is great for emergency safety. It also has a 7-speed gearing that encourages smooth shifting with a 4 inches tire which serves stability and good traction.

electric fat tire bike

Young Electric E-scout

E-scout is a class 3 e-bike that is a great hunting bike which can serve different purposes due to its power capacity which is about 720 Wh. With a speed of 15.5mph, it can cover 60 miles on a single charge. It has a superior quality compared to other e-bikes of its kind in the market. An LG battery and an upgraded hydraulic brake make a good value for your money.

electric fat tire bike e-scout

Final word

With your understanding of the 3 types of fat tire e-bikes, key features, and recommendations. It is now easy to choose the best fat tire bike for you. Although, the fat tire bike seems little cost-effective, the quality of its features makes it a great asset. For this purpose we advise that you get your fat tire bike from a trustworthy and reliable store like Young Electric Bike. We offer great discounts. Now that you know how to choose an electric fat tire bike then what are you still waiting for? Get your e-bike today.