Everything You Need to Know About the Top Electric Hunting Bikes

Hunting is a passion that E-Bike users are increasingly taking up, and several companies have created e-bikes with hunters in mind. During a hunt, the most crucial factor is moving silently throughout the area. Approaching your target without making too much noise is essential, lest they flee in fright and become more aware of their surroundings. 

Previously, electric bikes were considered novelty items, but they have grown into much more than those, among which the hunting e-bikes have their intricate features. Several unique benefits of electric bike hunting make it a popular choice. These bicycles are swift, silent, and conducive to extended travel. More importantly, the electric hunting bike reduces its visibility to wildlife.

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled this comprehensive guide to electric hunting motorcycles, covering everything from their advantages to the factors you should consider before buying one.

electric hunting bike

What exactly is an Electric hunting bike

A durable electric hunting bike can go up to 60 kilometres on a single battery. Meanwhile, equipping hunting e-bikes with cargo trailers, bags, and racks to transport your gear is possible. The bike frame should be strong enough to handle rough terrain and light adequately to be lifted onto your car or trailer. 

The front suspension is crucial to a comfortable ride. No one wants to bike ten kilometres with their nicely tuned bow swaying and bouncing on the handlebars. Additionally, thick tyres, often measuring between 4" and 4.8", provide e-bikes explicitly made for hunters with excellent traction on sloppy and uneven terrain. 

Essential things to look for in an electric hunting bike

When shopping for an electric bike for hunting, it's essential to keep the following in mind to make the best choice possible.

Speed and max power

Electric bikes for hunting have motors and batteries that provide energy. In this way, the strength of each cycle varies. But the maximum velocity is the same across the board. Electric hunting bike typically has a power range between 500 and 1000 watts. 

In addition, the maximum speed for these motorcycles is between 20 and 25 kilometres per hour. Although there is a full speed, you may increase it by increasing the pedal-assist level. There is also a wide range of pedal-assist levels available between models. Thanks to a combination of pedalling and engine power, you may boost your top speed with their help.


Batteries for hunting electric motorcycles are also available in various sizes to accommodate the motors' power outputs. More than 30 miles can be covered without pedalling for the average e-bike with a full tank of energy. However, remember that the range depends on factors such as the battery's size and type. Handle the issue carefully but adequately. 

Powerful motor

An electric hunting bike can have two main types of motors. Each one will provide a unique performance on various grounds. The rear hub motor (located in the back wheel) generates tremendous raw power and is a sensible option due to its low cost and low maintenance needs. However, it could be more assertive while trying to up a steep terrain due to its low torque.

Between the pedals is where you'll find the bike's mid-drive motor, and it's far more powerful than the rear hub motor. Therefore, it can overcome more challenging gradients than a hub motor of the same power. Better hill climbing and towing power come from a higher torque. Bicycles powered by such an engine may be more expensive and more challenging to maintain.


A higher suspension e-bike is the best way to get through rough terrains. With Fire-Link suspension, you may have even more command of your bike. You can stop quickly, even if riding in muddy or wet conditions.

Bars, saddle, pumps, and handles that are easy to use

Comfort is another feature of an electric hunting bike. You may take your time picking out a bike built with comfort on long journeys in mind. Understand that what works for the handlebars on a hunting e-bike will vary from person to person before you purchase or construct one. 

We recommend replacing the grips, seat, and pedals if you are unsatisfied with the default components.


Like regular bicycles, hunting e-bikes come in a wide range of sizes and finding the one that's right for you is essential. The size of an electric hunting bike is often determined by the design of the bike itself. Try to track down a bicycle that can accommodate your height and build.

Grippy, fat tires

E-bikes with fat tyres are becoming more trendy because they have a stylish appearance and provide a practical advantage in hunting. Fat tyres on e-bikes don't get stuck in sand, snow, or mud. Comfort is increased on your e-fat-tire bike's off-road journeys. It also smooths out the more minor bumps on rough trails.

Select an electric bike with larger-than-usual tyres for the most comfortable ride possible. If you want to use your e-bike for hunting, you should only go with wide and heavy tyres. With the extra grip provided by larger tyres, you'll have less trouble maintaining your footing while you ride. Using fat tyres, which often have more comprehensive puncture protection, can significantly reduce the likelihood of a rupture or flat occurring 20 miles after the next road.


Electromotive bicycles that can be recharged are an excellent example of an environmentally friendly two-wheeler. Consequently, you shouldn't expect to hear any exhaust sound from it. It might be wise to research this area since a quiet electric bike for hunting would come in handy when you're out in the woods.

electric hunting bike

Ultimate Advantages of Using an Electric Hunting Bike

Many benefits beyond those of a mountain bike become apparent when you put it to use for hunting. Though costly, they are of outstanding quality, and their unique benefits cannot be overlooked despite their high price.  

Here are a few fantastic benefits of taking your hunting expedition on an electric bike.

It has a large capacity for gear

If you add the right accessories to your electric hunting bike, it can carry a lot of gear almost effortlessly. Furthermore, you won't have to relinquish mobility or stealth. You may bring everything you need to cook, including dry clothes, food, and drinks, in one of the many waterproof and durable on-bike bags. Carrying a tent along is another perk of adding a rack. You can also bring a tent if you add an extra rack. 

Allows you to maintain cover

It's true that everyone has come around a bend too quickly on a four-wheeler and scared a deer. Now picture something so sensitive that you can hear that four-stroke motor coming from a mile away and has departed before you get there. 

There are times when a pedal-assist hunting bike is even quieter than walking. A top-of-the-line electric hunting bike is the perfect mix of strength and stealth, and it could make a scouting operation much more effective.

Able to go over rough terrain deeply

A pedal-assist bike can get you farther into your favourite remote hunting spots than your car or four-wheeler. When you cut hundreds of pounds from your access gear, you open up incredible possibilities for scouting, putting up game cams, and even finding a new, broad perspective. Your safety is ensured by hydraulic brakes, which will engage in the event of an abnormal situation.

Complete your harvest

Nobody would argue against the fact that a hunt in a remote place will provide a better overall experience since there will be fewer people around, which will cause the animals to be more aggressive, leading to a more successful outcome. That is until it's time to pick up a dead elk. On average, male elk weigh somewhere between 650 and 700 pounds. 

Suppose you have to walk while carrying 150 pounds at a time and are out hunting yourself. The experience may be dramatically different when an electric hunting bike is used between the time of the kill shot and when the meat is stored in the freezer.

No worries about safety

Since riding an electric bike relaxes the user and presents little safety risks, they are becoming more popular. The rider's mood improves because electric bikes give them more precision and power, which are hard to get on regular cycles.

What's the best type of motor for electric hunting bikes?

Different kinds of motors determine the speed and range of electric hunting bicycles.

All-wheel drive

Another option seems like the best of all worlds and is becoming increasingly popular fast. Likewise, the hub motor (rear hub) has previously been assessed; however, visualize a front seat on the wheel in front of you and a rear corner in the back of you. 

It is mainly made up of two motors working together to provide twice as much pulling power. You may use either the front or the rear to climb or both. Rough and uneven terrain, where both tyres are frequently not touching down to acquire traction, might be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, the ride is fantastic.

Mid drive motor

Mid-drive motors have a force that is much more balanced and feels more natural. They're hidden away in the frame in the middle of the pedals. 

Mid-drive motors are more efficient on inclines since they are known to have better performance and power than regular hub motors. One important thing is that the mid-drive engine can double the capacity and better use the bike's gears because it drives the crank instead of the wheel.

Ultra-midrange-drive motor

Ultra mid-drive motors are the best motors you can buy right now. While most mid-drives include speed and cadence sensors, the Ultra has a torque metre. The use of a sensor unit is optimal for power regulation. As you ride faster, the pedal assist rises. Moreover, sensors identify when the rider will change gears, and the system automatically cuts power.

Rear hub motors

The rear hub is situated inside the back wheel. Hub motors push from the back so that they can feel like the power of a motorcycle. E-bikes that don't need the mid-capacity drive's to climb hills often utilize the hub motor since it's simple and extremely inexpensive to make, resulting in a less expensive e-bike. 

They usually focus on overpowering opponents with sheer physical might. Due to the proximity of the mid-power engine and the gearbox, a broken chain would make the bicycle useless. The wheel can still be rotated to get you back to camp or home even if the chain breaks since the hub is located at the back.

The Ultra mid-drive is the way to go if you expect to encounter steep inclines or rough terrain and need complete command of your vehicle's power. If you plan on using it on somewhat challenging terrain with some hill climbing, a traditional mid-drive would have been preferable. The back hub motor would do well if the terrain is flat with a few gentle slopes.


Discovering a new electric hunting bike that suits your needs may be both exciting and time-consuming. As you will have to do some planning before making a purchase. A significant amount of money may be saved if you switch to commuting on an electric bicycle. 

However, it would be best if you don't have to invest too much effort into finding a selection that fits your needs. The trick is to seek the mentioned aspects while browsing through numerous models out there, and you will be able to settle for precisely what you need to have.


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