What to look for when choosing the right folding electric bike

Electric bikes are the most popular transportation all over the world, especially in the United States. Around 59% of people in the US have their own e-bike for its easy and hassle-free commute.

But parking the e-bikes is the most concerning issue because of the thefts. These cases are increasing gradually. Even sometimes most people skip e-bikes due to parking and theft issues.

Having folding e-bikes can change the scenario. It doesn’t require a parking space, you can easily fold it and carry it with you.  

Among thousands of good quality folding e-bikes, it's tough to find the suitable one. Besides, it’s quite challenging to understand the features of a folding electric bike.

Don’t worry! We’ll guide you to learn the features that you must consider for buying folding e-bikes. So without further ado, let’s begin with the overview of choosing the best folding electric bikes.

 folding electric bike

 A brief introduction to folding electric bikes

Folding e-bikes are convenient for evening rides, daily commutes and even long rides. Its portability makes it unique from other bikes. These bikes ensure effortless parking capacity. Along with that, you can carry it anywhere you go.

 And that's not all! There are more advanced features that can make your rides easier. Let’s explore the most helpful features of folding e-bikes.  

 Motor assistance

Similar to all e-bikes, the motors of folding e-bikes are highly efficient. So it doesn’t require extra effort for pedaling. It helps you to ride on hills, and terrains and also covers far distances without hassle.

 Foldable design

Another beneficial feature is its foldable design. Isn't it cool that you don't have to worry about parking your e-bike anymore? You can just fold it down and keep it anywhere with the support hinges and quick-release folding system. Also, you don't need any professional to unfold it, you can do it on your own. Besides, you can store it in your apartments. Whereas other bikes need to be parked in garages.

 Easy Parking for all riders

From avid travelers to daily riders, everyone wants to make their ride effortless. In that case, one of the major obstacles is parking the bike. Because it’s quite difficult to find a suitable parking space on a long drive or nearby busy roads. For this reason, the folding e-bike is a blessing for all riders.


Most folding e-bikes are made of lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. As you need to fold the bike, it should be lightweight and portable. Otherwise, it'll be difficult for you to fold and unfold the bikes without any help.

 The speed that meets regulations

You must be thinking, do folding e-bikes have similar speed as regular e-bikes, right? But don't worry!  These bikes have exactly the same speed as other e-bikes. And it can also cover maximum speed following legal regulations.

 Two Power Assist modes

It also comes up with two modes-pedal assistance and throttle mode.  So you can operate your bike with the help of the throttle or pedal. You can also switch the transportation mode anytime you want.

Besides these, you must look into some internal features while buying a folding e-bike. We know it's not easy to understand these features without being professional. But fret not! Here you'll get the complete idea of buying a folding e-bike.

1. Battery capacity and range

The most necessary and crucial part of an e-bike is the battery capacity for it's the heart of an e-bike. Your journey with an e-bike won't be smoother without having a higher-capacity battery.  That’s why it’s important to inspect the battery condition before buying a folding e-bike.

A. Importance of battery range for long-distance rides

  • High power capacity:

Knowing the battery range is mandatory if you frequently go on long-distance rides. Most importantly, it's tough to travel long roads with a single-time charge. At this time, the battery with a longer range can ensure the highest power capacity.

Most folding e-bikes have a battery of 250Wh to 500Wh that can cover a range of 20 to 50 kilometers. But we found a Young Electric E-Flow Folding bike that provides a long battery range and it's more than a typical e-bike.

Note: E-FLOW uses a Bafang battery, 48V/20Ah 960Wh, with a range of up to 90 miles.

  • Terrains and elevation changes:  

During the long rides, you'll need to cross over the hilly terrain and experience changes in elevation. Therefore, it needs more power to assist cycling, and the battery may lose its power gradually. In that case, you must have a good-quality battery.

  • Charging unavailability:

It's hard to find battery charging stations everywhere, especially on long rides. If you don't have a robust battery that covers maximum distance, it can be a big trouble for you. So having a long-range battery can save you in those circumstances.  

B. Factors affecting battery life

Maintaining the battery life cycle is not an easy task when you’re a regular rider, especially if you often go for long routes, it’ll be more difficult to save up the battery life. But if you know what factors are responsible for draining the battery power, you can prevent them easily.

  • First of all, the most important factor is battery quality. Not all batteries can provide you with long rides or even recreational rides regularly. Hence,  understanding e-bike batteriesto find a good quality battery for your folding e-bike.
  • Inconsistent charging habits can also damage the battery life. You should charge the battery when it has almost 20% to 30% charge and keep it until the battery power reaches 100%. Also, maintain a healthy charging habit for your e-bike battery.
  • It won’t be safe to ride on an e-bike in the unkind cold weather. Additionally, storing the battery below 40° F can also affect the battery lifespan. So, you should store it at a proper temperature.
  • Lack of maintenance is also responsible for battery damage. It’s necessary to understand how you can take care of the e-bike batteries. However, you should check your e-bike and battery at least once every month.

2. Motor Power and Performance

Along with high-capacity batteries,  you also need a robust motor that can properly assist when you're riding your folding e-bike. As you need to fold it, a lightweight motor with the highest speed will be the perfect choice.  Choosing the folding e-bike with stable motor assistance and display is challenging. At this point, we'll help you to understand the motor's power and performance.

A. Motor

A perfect motor ensures maximum speed and long-lasting quality that can provide the best service on long rides. You'll find various types of motors with different power levels. So, pick the one with the highest power and good drivetrain. We choose the E-flow folding bike for you because it comes up with a robust motor that provides the highest speed and durable service. 

Note: E-FLOW uses a Bafang SUTTO motor with speeds up to 28mph


B. Display

To ride the electronic bikes perfectly, you'll need a good display where you can see the speed range, and control your e-bike according to the legal regulations.  It also shows the performance level of your bike during rides. So inspect the display properly before getting a folding e-bike. And handle the display carefully while folding your bike. 

3. Safety features

One of the essential things you must need for an e-bike is safety features. According to US consumer reports, 70% of accidents occurred between 2017 to 2021 because of unsafe rides. So you must ensure your bike has all the safety features that are required for a secure bike ride. 

Here are some safety equipment you should look for while buying a folding e-bike.

A. Reliable hydraulic brakes

When it comes to folding bikes, you should look for stable hydraulic brakes. A reliable hydraulic brake system comes with a powerful stopping capacity that can stop the bike safely, especially in emergency circumstances.

The modulation system helps to prevent sudden stops and control the braking power. Also, consider the rotor size to get the perfect hydraulic brakes. It also offers a weather resistance capacity that can reduce high heat build-up.

B. Front light and rear light

On night rides, the most compulsory you'll need is the front light and rear light. It makes you visible to others and also you can see the road situations. However, it's highly important for safe rides with a folding e-bike.

C. Suspension front fork

To ensure better safety, you need to check the suspension front fork quality. It assists you to have great control over the braking system and easily adapts to rides on bumpy and hilly roads.

4. Design and build quality

Another feature you must think of when buying a folding e-bike is the design and build quality. Now note down the features that will assist you to choose a folding e-bike with a convenient design and strong built quality.

A. Frame

To know about the design, first, you have to look into the frame. The frame design and quality are essential for e-bikes, especially for folding ones, because you need to fold and unfold them. So, you should choose a robust and compact size frame.

B. Folding Mechanism and Ease of Use

Along with the frame, you have to look into the folding mechanism. It should have easy usage capacity like a quick-release system and hinges that can assist you fold and unfold the e-bike effortlessly. 

C. Fat tire

We always recommend getting e-bikes with fat tires because they are comfortable and stable. Also, these tires offer the perfect traction and off-road performance. It can carry heavier-weight riders without trouble.

D. Considerations for Weight and Size

If you want to enjoy comfortable rides on your folding e-bikes, you should consider the weight and size. Lightweight e-bikes are great for evening rides and recreational rides. But if you are looking for an e-bike for long rides, then you should get the E-flow folding bike which weighs 38.6kg. Though it’s a little bit heavy to carry, it works best for long rides. However, it comes compact.

5. Price range and warranty

Apart from all features, you should know about the price range and warranty of folding e-bikes. Now we'll talk about the detailed discussion on price range and warranty.

A. Discussion on different price categories

The price range of e-bikes is divided into three categories-high, medium and low budget. It's completely up to you which one is suitable. However, the high price ranges are from $1,500 to $2,000. The medium price range starts from $800 to $1,400  and the low price range is from $500 to $700. You can choose between these price categories that go with your budget.

B. Consideration of the brand's warranty policy and after-sale service

To know the durability, it's highly recommended to understand the warranty policies first. You should take the folding e-bike with a 3 to 5 years warranty and ask for the service card from online services or retailers the day you get the bike.

In addition to that, after-sale service also matters because they can provide the proper and effective servicing of e-bikes. Thus, read previous customer reviews to know about their after-sale service.

Recap of important factors

By now you've got everything by choosing a folding electric bike. Now let's have a quick look at the important factors.

1. Battery

  • Check the battery's health and performance.
  • Consider the battery range during long-distance rides.
  • Understand the factors that affect the battery life.
  • Pay attention to the battery quality.

2. Motor

  • Check the motor power and performance.  
  • Inspect the drivetrain and stability.  
  • Determine the display quality to getaccurate information like speed level.

3. Safety

  • Check the hydraulic brakes for better stopping capacity and avoid sudden stops.
  • Make sure the e-bike has a front light and rear light system.
  • Consider a premium quality suspension front fork.

4. Design and Quality

  • Choose the folding e-bike with a compact size frame.
  • Ensure the folding mechanism of the e-bike is stable and easy to use.
  • Check whether the tires are fat or not.
  • Think about the perfect size and weight.

5. Price

  • Folding e-bikes have high, mid and low price ranges, so choose the one that suits your budget.
  • Consider the warranty and after-sale service.
folding ebike

Introduction of E-FLOW

While hovering for the best folding bikes, we’ve got a Young Electric E-FLOW Folding Bike on top. Most of the professional riders reviewed this bike that it is the most easygoing and convenient.

Moreover, it comes with a premium BAFANG 750W motor, a removable BAFANG 960Wh battery, and a 60 mm travel high-quality shock absorption front fork.

In addition to that, it's great for long range and provides an LED HMI display, 20"×4.0" all-terrain fat tires, powerful hydraulic brakes and a special foldable frame design. Thus, it has all the specific features you should consider while buying folding e-bikes.


So now you know how to choose folding electric bikes, right? We've mentioned all the features that make a folding e-bike special and long-lasting.

If you consider these factors while choosing the e-bike, you'll get the best one for you.

But if you are tired of looking for the suitable one here and there, we recommend buying a Young Electric E-FLOW folding bike. And if you want to buy other e-bikes, you can also visit our fat tire electric bike.


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