Really? Save Money by Buying an Electric Bike

Over the past decade, the demand for electric commuter bikes has been on the rise. There are many advantages to owning an adult electric ebike, from improving your general health to contributing your quota to protecting the environment. However, there is one advantage that you might not even notice,  owning an electric commuter bike can save you a big amount of cash. Trust us, you will be amazed to find out how much money you can save when you purchase an adult electric ebike, and how it has a long-term positive impact on your wallet and savings. Continue reading to find out how.

Really? Save Money by Buying an Electric Bike

Affordability of Electric Bikes

Let’s face the fact, the cost of purchasing a Class 3 electric bike is far cheaper than the cost of a new car. There are many cost-benefits you can enjoy when you switch from your regular bike or car to an adult electric bike. While many people see the health and environmental benefits of electric bikes, cost-saving is the actual monetary value attached to it.

Comparison of Initial Cost: Electric Bikes vs. Cars

The actual cost of an item always goes beyond the initial cost in the future usage, including the cost of maintenance over time. Hence, when we talk of the cost-saving benefits of electric commuter bikes, we also consider the initial cost and the cost of maintenance over time.

Let’s face the fact, the initial cost of an adult electric bike is far less than the cost of purchasing a new car. A regular Class 3 ebike will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000, while Electric E-Urban Pro 500W which cost only $1,999 to purchase. Comparatively, a second-hand car can sell for as much as $27,000, while a brand-new car can go as high as $47,000, not to mention supercars, high-performance and luxury vehicles.

Inversely, it means that the cost of purchasing one second-hand car is equivalent to purchasing 10 Class 3 ebikes.

Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Expenses

Unlike your regular vehicle or bike, an electric commuter bike does not require refueling. However, routine maintenance will still be required to keep the bike running in good condition for a long time. Nonetheless, the cost of maintaining an adult electric bike per year is relatively low when you compare it with the cost of maintaining a car.

Cost per Mile Analysis: Electric Bikes vs. Traditional Bikes

Electric bikes do not require fuel to run. Rather, they rely on electricity which is relatively cheaper than fuel. The cost of a gallon in states like Washington and California currently stands at $4+. Hence, a 40-mile trip will cost you around $6.8. on a traditional bike. Whereas, a full charge of your battery which will cost around $0.3 will allow you to cover a distance of 45 miles before recharging.

Over a five-year period, the cost of maintaining your electric bike is around $754 to $1,200. On the other hand, the cost of maintenance and fueling of a car ca n rack up to $3,570 over the same duration. Consequently, the cost of maintenance of an adult electric bike is far cheaper than that of your car.

Lower Insurance and Registration Costs

The cost of registering your ebike is relatively low when you compare it with that of a car. Besides the registration amount, you also enjoy lower insurance rates when you purchase an electric commuter bike.


Additional Cost-Saving Features and Incentives

There are several ways you can further save costs when using a Class 3 ebike. One of them is ensuring that your battery performance is optimal through good charging practices. Firstly, your battery is one of the most essential components of your ebike, it is essential to understand that proper charging methods are crucial for long-term performance and the lifespan of electric bikes. Improper charging can lead to decreased performance, shortage of life span, and even pose some serious safety hazards. Hence, proper charging and caring for your battery is one way to cut down on the cost of maintenance over five years. Always ensure that you use the right charger specified by your ebike manufacturer when charging. Secondly, overcharging and undercharging can damage your battery and reduce the life span. In addition, remember to store your batteries properly at room temperature during extreme weather conditions. Just remember, proper charging and maintenance will ensure you enjoy optimal performance and also save a lot of cost.

Furthermore, several states in the United States have laws that provide incentives for adult ebike owners. Some of these incentives come in the form of cash rebates, tax credits, and subsidies on the actual cost of electric bikes. You can take advantage of these tax savings and incentives to save additional costs when you purchase your adult electric bike.

Benefits of an Electric Commuter Bike

Health and Fitness Benefits

Electric commuter bikes have several health and fitness benefits. Riding a Class 3 ebike can provide your daily exercise need. However, you have to actually ride the bike to enjoy these benefits. An electric bike falls under the category of low-impact exercises. Hence, it will provide the benefits of your regular cycling but be less strenuous to the joints. Riding an electric commuter bike is also a good form of cardiovascular exercise.   
Reduced Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact

Switching from a regular bike or car to an electric bike is also useful to the environment. Electric bikes produce zero carbon and impact the environment positively. In other words, the use of electric bikes is equal to a healthier and safer environment for us.
Time-Saving and Stress-Relieving Commutes

With the rising population in urban areas, an electric commuter bike can be an excellent way to save time and stress from the morning traffic. Likewise, riding home from work can help you relieve the stress from work.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Electric Bikes

Cost Analysis of Electric Bike Maintenance

The cost of servicing and maintaining your electric bike is relatively lower than the cost of servicing your regular diesel bike. Your ebike will hardly require any major servicing within the first year. However, the cost of maintaining your ebike over the period of 4 to 10 years will cost anywhere from $500-$600, which includes the cost of the battery. The cost of a single electric commuter bike battery is around $200.  Nonetheless, it is still far more economical than the cost of a car battery.

Tips for Battery Care and Maintenance

For best battery performance:

  • Store your battery inside at room temperature, especially in the winter and other extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid overcharging or undercharging your ebike. Avoiding allowing your battery to remain plugged even when it’s 100% full.
  • Clean the battery terminal regularly to ensure good contact and avoid corrosion. 

Routine Check-ups and Repair Considerations

Check your electric bike parts like the drive train, motor, batteries, tires and other mechanical parts. Ensure that they are okay each time you want to go out with your commuter ebike. Also, make sure that the tire pressures are at the right amount depending on your terrain. Fix minor faults where necessary. However, schedule a routine check-up with a professional ebike repairer at least once a month. Experts can detect major faults early and fix them before they lead to further problems.


Switching to electric bikes is an excellent way to save money over time. From the cost of purchasing to other incentives you enjoy when you purchase a commuter electric bike, if you are conscious about saving cost, adopting an adult electric bike is a wise decision. The E-Urban Pro from Young Electric bike is a great choice to consider.

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